"A Good Building Makes the Landscape More Beautiful than it was before the Building was built."
- Frank Lloyd Wright

In the late 1940's Cliffside architect, Arthur Dennis Stevens, served as an apprentice to the master of natural architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright. Designing in the Wright tradition, Stevens pays homage to his mentor by protecting and complementing the natural landscape. In the words of Wright, "A building should be of the land rather than on it."

Thus, in partnership with the environment, Stevens designed Cliffside, serene on its 10.2 acre setting, in Robie Springs. Cliffside is a 5000 square foot home of homes overlooking an unspoiled wildlife habitat nestled in the heart of Idaho recreation country.

Cliffside is located above the headwaters of Lucky Peak reservoir at the timberline of Idaho's high desert country. Robie Springs, some 50 acres, although pristine and remote, is only a 30 minute drive by car from the airport and downtown Boise.

We invite you to learn more about Cliffside and Robie Springs, a unique four-season getaway featuring boundless mountain views and rugged landforms. Surveying it all, architect Stevens gained profound inspiration. The result, as natural as a mountain outcropping, is architecture "of the land" befitting its time and setting.